Bordered by the Tibet Autonomous Region of China in the north and India in the east, west and south, the small Himalayan kingdom is truly one of the last Shangri- las. Mysterious and alluring, the land of the thunder dragon has always fascinated the outside world. Unexplored and uncharted until a few decades ago the tiny Himalayan kingdom is still rustic, timeless and free from the trappings of modern day life. A trip into the country provides a glimpse into the myriad colors of Bhutanese lifestyle – unspoiled yet stimulating. The castle like Dzongs that rise over the various towns with their gently tapering walls, large stone cluttered courtyards and beautiful galleries are architectural wonders special to Bhutan. Gurgling streams, high snow capped peaks, green terraced fields, green alpine forests and sprawling valleys form a backdrop to Bhutanese way of life.





The Land of the Thunder Dragon

The Land of the Thunder Dragon - 14 days

Laya Gasa Trek

Laya Gasa Trek - 26 days

Jhomolhari Trek

Jhomolhari Trek - 20 days


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